Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Gleneagles Hotel

The Gleneagles Hotel is one of Scotland's most famous landmarks and in 1999 celebrates 75 years at the forefront of sporting and service excellence. The Gleneagles Hotel is a beautifully illustrated, high-quality book describing the rich and varied history of the hotel. Introduction; The Highland Palace. Chapter One, The Sum of the Parts: 24 hours in the life of the hotel. Chapter Two; The Early Years: A photographic summary of how the hotel looked 75 years ago and how it looks and works today. Chapter Three; The War Years: From Hotel to Hospital: The history of the Hotel through the 1930s: the army's secondment of the hotel during WWII and the re-establishment of the Hotel. Chapter Four; The Post-War Years. Chapter Five; The Gleneagles Experience: Reminiscenses from guests and staff, past and present. Chapter Six; Golf at Gleneagles: Golf is perhaps the sport most closely associated with Gleneagles and the hotel grounds contain a number of world-ranking courses. Chapter Seven; This Sporting Life: Gleneagles is also home to the Jackie Stewart Shooting School and is a traditional hunting, shooting and fishing centre. Archive material and memories of early guests are used to show how these country pursuits have developed at the Hotel over the years. Chapter Eight; The New Millennium. The Gleneagles Hotel: 75 Years of Scottish Excellence.

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